Why doesn’t BTS V feel ashamed of what he’s doing?

Why doesn’t BTS V feel ashamed of what he’s doing?

This is someone who usually doesn’t glance even when there are a lot of fans around him?

[+851, -810]

1. [+324, -110] You don’t know the meaning of the word “usually”? The members admit that V takes care of ARMYs the best

2. [+285, -51] ? In your imagination?

3. [+282, -51] No, he always treats his fans so well, this is a familiar scene

4. [+74, -35] It’s so weirdㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+44, -9] He does fan service according to his mood, so I guess he was in a good mood that day ^^

6. [+38, -6] Did he feel good that day?

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WhatsThe Point

Y’all are so obsessed with what he does.
He cares abt armys, he considers armys his friends, why do u care what he does?
I swear these people are out with a smear campaign against him, I won’t let y’all do to tae what y’all did to jk in 2019


Lmao if u could at least listen to what ure saying.. why are u so obsessed with blackpink then

But I wasn’t done

The desperation to drag Taehyung down is so amusing because how many times are you gonna come for his personality before you realize no one is buying that he’s anything short of amazing. Like get a new drag or better yet leave my man alone.


I’ve discovered the day people called him rude that he doesn’t care about the fans…
He is afraid of heights so he was just not feeling well for that and people still claims he is rude… ashamed and on… please calm down he was never the one who deceived fans he was always the one SAYING NO. Like Jin so fck y’all

GOT7 forever

He did nothing but still people attack him for no reason, those people should be ashamed about themselves, just imagine every bts member Akgae united just to attack him thinking there fav’s will be more popular, those people are sending him death treat’s daily , looking how scary , hateful and obssessed those people are , the company should really take those death treat’s seriously because they can do everything

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