YG’s new girl group Baby Monster is getting positive reactions after revealing their Dance Performance video

YG’s new girl group Baby Monster – Dance Performance

1. NewJeans’ debut was too strong, so I feel like this group will be buried

2. They look more like an amateur dance group because of their clothes

3. I was expecting it, but it wasn’t good

4. It just looks like a video made by a student dance club

5. Even though I can’t dance, I feel like the five of them don’t match

6. It’s a group, but isn’t it too bad? I think there are many female idols who dance better than that

7. If it weren’t for the YG logo on the back, I’d think it’s a small company

8. Maybe my expectations are too high because of BLACKPINK

9. Something’s messed up, but looking at the comments, I’m not the only one

10. I don’t like their outfits

11. No, why is the group’s name Baby Monster…

12. There is no member who dances well

13. I’m curious as to why they uploaded this video

14. I don’t know what this video is trying to show…

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