YG’s new girl group Baby Monster is getting positive reactions after revealing their Dance Performance video

YG’s new girl group Baby Monster – Dance Performance

1. NewJeans’ debut was too strong, so I feel like this group will be buried

2. They look more like an amateur dance group because of their clothes

3. I was expecting it, but it wasn’t good

4. It just looks like a video made by a student dance club

5. Even though I can’t dance, I feel like the five of them don’t match

6. It’s a group, but isn’t it too bad? I think there are many female idols who dance better than that

7. If it weren’t for the YG logo on the back, I’d think it’s a small company

8. Maybe my expectations are too high because of BLACKPINK

9. Something’s messed up, but looking at the comments, I’m not the only one

10. I don’t like their outfits

11. No, why is the group’s name Baby Monster…

12. There is no member who dances well

13. I’m curious as to why they uploaded this video

14. I don’t know what this video is trying to show…

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Lazy Banana

It was a bit of a letdown tbh. I’ve been to Reddit, Twitter, and Pannchoa and there’s barely anyone saying positive things about this vid. BP’s pre-debut teaser of BBHMM was so much better than this.

Jj dw

This is a monthly evaluation dance practice and it old. Before even the thai members joined


school talent show vibes


Thats the problem when members have similar skill levels n lack of individuality/stage presence. Its hard to find someone who stand out. Its gonna be worst tbh as this group seem gonna be 7 members. I feel like its feel too much. Remind me of purple kiss.


true. that is the problem with the 4th gen idols


idk how yg gonna make this work tbh , feels too early to say this but judging from Treasure and iKON, yg is not suitable to manage a group that has more than 5 members.

Jj dw

Treasure is doing really great.


“Positive reactions”?? 😭


I think they are ok. That video was from 2 years ago (Lee Jung once uploaded at her insta 2years ago) because that was a monthly evaluation video and the line ups were not fixed yet. Thai trainees are not joined at that time and they will definitely improved because YG had already announced their debut.

If they felt they are not improved they will not reached to finished debut process and I hope we may see their improvements in coming stages. They are not bad till now.. and after years they will be sucessful.


Yeah, I think they are okay. Unfortunately, they have to be better than okay on their debut because expectations are high for ygngg and 4th ggs competition is so tough rn.

Grace Walker

Why did YG, release an old video instead of a new one?


For the negative reactions. They want ppls expectations to be low low so when they debut…in comparison ppl will say they are much better

Jj dw

They said they will release their trainee era videos to see how they grow slowly in talent this is why its always black and white

spicy spice

looks like they need teddy to save them.


Looking at treasure completely unknown in korea n their pd is not teddy, yeahh its feel like they need teddy to save them despite it may feel generic sound again.

Jj dw

Treasure is pretty known in korea their fandom grew and grew organically and now its really big and dedicated in korea they keep getting viral posts on pann but since these sites have hate boner to them they never translate anything positive their 3 concerts in korea last year were sold out and their korean branddeals keep on increasing .. and even if they arent popular in korea thzy r very popular in other countries and their tour was really successful their japanese tour was really successful and now their shows keep on getting sold out


It is just a snippet of their old monthly assessment during their trainee days. Not the recent team performance.


They did say jenny mentored them….and it shows


nah Lisa for the dance, Jennie for the rap. Seems like Lisa is not good enough to mentor kids


The title is trolling at this point.


bruh this is the same reaction when blackpink first debuted. i can trust comments like these like bffr. y’all only being harsh bc they’re new.

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