Blinks are once again playing a victim card and attacking an innocent person

Seems like ig is not only the place blinks are attacking dahyun on. They are attacking dahyun calling her all sorts of names in pretext of protecting their own idol. They are demanding an apology from dahyun more than onces and are using slurs to abuse dahyun as well as twice members.

The fandom who preach about women empowerment and women respect are right now going below the belt after a women who just skipped their faves ads. 

Just how much below would they really go to hate on an innocent person. It’s not the first time they have shown this reaction. They had before spammed Chaeyoung ig to colouring her hair orange. And were already spamming dahyun with hate comments on ig. Onces were not demanding apology from Lisa or bp members but from blinks. But it seems like blinks truly has much larger ego in them as they think apology from will settle everything. They are being xenophobic, towards dahyun. 

Here are some screenshots of their so called trend.

It’s better for onces to report these harassers rather than engaging with them. Remember it’s not the idols who are at fault over here. It’s the fandom. So please report tweets under this hashtag and respect each other.

Please report hate comments under this tweet too. Don’t give them any attention just report them.

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Stupid article. Pannkpop has gone so boring, they shouldn’t allow idiots to write boring posts


The only person behaving like an idi01 is you and not the op.


Blink being idiots, water is wet
Nothing new

Maya Amina

Àll bc she skipped an ad? Something these idiots all do


All of these are tweeted before the whole issue happened. judge for yourself

Not ur typa girl

Hmmm we can all write a shit article like this as well. A shit better stay shit.


Can’t even write this comment better let alone want to write an article. Stop joking around.

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