Chuu was kicked out of Loona

Announcement of Chuu leaving Loona

1. Well, I can’t believe this company

2. Are they crazy?

3. No, who saw Chuu say offensive words?

4. This company is really bad

5. Who believes what this company says?

6. And if you think about what Chuu has been through in the past, it doesn’t matter that she gets angry at the company employeesㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Can you show me any proof?

8. They are trying their best not to pay the bills. Again, there are a lot of trash companies. I hope they all fail

9. Please pay the bills, trash ba$tards

10. Wow, expelled.. This is my first time seeing something like this

11. Wow, their words are so cheap

12. What a trash company…

13. Wow look at the words

14. I really can’t believe it…

15. Didn’t she leave because she wanted to?

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sometimes I feel like they should just sue the company like what bap did to ts entertainmet like I know the risks to it are quite big , there’s possibility might be them having to part ways cause no company will take all 12 members in one company or it will be hard for them to even work as a group under different companies

Forgot about us the fans , just get your ass out from that terrible company first, I want the members to prioritize themselves , we’ll be here supporting you no matter what the outcome is .


If I were chuu, when I have working so hard alone and didn’t get any pay, being alienated and even didn’t included in the world tour of my own group, I would also be so mad and lost control, violent language alone was not enough to vent my anger!


what the fck??
are they for real? even majority of company who kick their artist wont reveal to that kind of detail. theyre disguisting, truly trash. i hope they fall down real soon


she’s the only relevant member in korea 💀💀 this entire group is a failed experiment

U can't stop me

Chuu was the only one who was actually relevant in that group. Idc whatever they say about her. It’s quite clear that they want to tarnish her reputation and also don’t want to pay her for some reason and reasons like these are something which can save them from paying her bills. But it’s pretty clear that knetz as well as inetz both are on Chuu side. No one believes whatever bullshit this company is uttering. I don’t wanna say something which may hurt ppls heart but I hope loona disbands soon. And that company go bankrupt.


Chuu can always sue them for defamation if their claims are false. Whatever it was, it is pretty cheap for them to write such statement. Very unprofessional.


true but i wouldn’t waste lawyer fees fighting that company. they’re broke, irrelevant and now their only relevant member/artist is no longer with the group. they’re self-destructing

if i was her, i’d sit back and laugh

pranpriya m.

Lmao does anyone actually believe this bs statement

Ki Ki

I’m not even close to being a Loona stan but as soon as I read that she got kicked out instead of leaving I was mad but I damn sure ain’t believe it when they said she had a power trip. (Even if she did I wouldn’t blame her she’s worked so hard for that company only for them to take her money and leave her broke)


I don’t mean to be rude but aren’t the other members better off working regular jobs? I feel like they’d make more money working at a coffee shop than waste their time, energy, and youth with that sunken ship of a company…

spicy spice

she’s THE ONLY popular member but her company did this to her. speechless.


Welp I hope she can distance herself from that trash fandom and company after everything she’s going thru.

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