Chuu was kicked out of Loona

Announcement of Chuu leaving Loona

1. Well, I can’t believe this company

2. Are they crazy?

3. No, who saw Chuu say offensive words?

4. This company is really bad

5. Who believes what this company says?

6. And if you think about what Chuu has been through in the past, it doesn’t matter that she gets angry at the company employeesㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Can you show me any proof?

8. They are trying their best not to pay the bills. Again, there are a lot of trash companies. I hope they all fail

9. Please pay the bills, trash ba$tards

10. Wow, expelled.. This is my first time seeing something like this

11. Wow, their words are so cheap

12. What a trash company…

13. Wow look at the words

14. I really can’t believe it…

15. Didn’t she leave because she wanted to?

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