People react to BlockBerry Creative indefinitely postponing Loona’s comeback

BlockBerry Creative indefinitely postpones Loona’s comeback

1. They really can’t write

2. They’re postponing Loona’s comeback because they’re being ostracized

3. I feel bad for the members

4. Don’t blame others for what you did, I feel sorry for the members

5. Since foreign fans boycott them, they can’t make any profit from album sales

6. They blame Chuu again and again

7. I guess they know that the fans are boycotting themㅋㅋ

8. Well, they blame the members again

9. This company is really the worst ever

10. Seriously, please let the kids leave the company

11. Why can’t they say the album didn’t sell because of the boycott?

12. They are so shameless

13. Are they crazy? What are they talking about?

14. I hope the members escape as soon as possible

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