Imagine getting this much hate for skipping an ad

Even if their faves have released a new song it still seems like dahyun is still a hot topic on blinks mind. The reason for them to do this, they claim YG and BP don’t do ads. It’s just an issue about the ad. The clip of dahyun was released from a paid live and was spread by blinks to claim dayhun is being xenophobic towards their faves. When in the video it is clearly seen dahyun bopping her head and saying it’s a good song before skipping it. The onces are known to be the fandoms who does bare minimum for their faves. Even with the protection aspects. Onces demanded an apology from only blinks who shamed dahyun and twice every where. But instead of stopping they are doing more spamming on her ig posts. These are her recent ig comment section status. 

Please it’s an request for all fandoms to be respectful towards idols and not to be delusional enough to think this idol is jealous of that idol. When in reality you are the one who is actually jealous of them. 

Also please spam positive comments on dahyun ig account. And also do report those haters and don’t interact with them.

Also don’t justify your actions as a clapback. Cause it’s not. It is plain hate towards an individual not a clapback. If you support women and hate people hating on your faves for being women, you should also learn to respect other women.