Kim Heechul was criticized for apologizing for his careless speech

Kim Heechul “apologizes for careless speech… I was not wrong in cursing at that specific site, as well as school violence”

1. Does he still have fans?

2. So what is he apologizing for? He said he didn’t do anything wrong, so he’s apologizing for swearing, right?

3. I don’t want to see him on TV

4. I guess it’s easy to apologize now

5. I don’t understand why Kim Heechul keeps appearing on TV, celebrities live by their image, but looking at him, it seems like he’s not

6. Is he getting old and fighting with the public?

7. Seeing the comments, I thought he was the worst at first, but I realized he was even worse

8. I feel sorry for the other celebrities whose names he mentioned.. I was shocked

9. Fantagio hasn’t sued him yet? I wonder what Cha Eunwoo will do when his image is ruined by Kim Heechul

10. He said he wouldn’t cause any more controversy, but he immediately caused another controversy with his apology

11. I don’t care what this man does, but I hope he doesn’t get involved with my idol or someone I like. Even if it’s a compliment, I hope he doesn’t mention it

12. If he was a female idol, he would be buried

13. Is there no apology regarding Cha Eunwoo?

14. This is not an apology, it is a statement

15. He grew up in Kim Gura’s room, he’ll never understand why netizens are so mad at him for the rest of his life

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“sorry to my fans” boo your fans are your antis now. This man is a right wing supporter yall 🤢


only apologized over swearing ? man heechul needs to go to hell


He is making things very easy to disband superjunior, thanks for your help, ahjussi. 


what did he say about eunwoo? 👀


ohh he said sumn about my man?

Bela Domes

I think he said they’re close


textbook pedo, incel AND narcissist


Don’t worry his SEA fans will continue to defend him, same breed as seungri stan 😂



meow meow

i vote for public execution


He didnt say anything that extra. He just have a lot haters so people Will piling up without knowing anything


ugh. 💩😷

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