LOONA’s Chuu is leaving Blockberry Creative and signing with BY4M Studio

LOONA’s Chuu, leaving Blockberry Creative… Going to BY4M Studio

LOONA’s Chuu is preparing to part ways with Blockberry Creative and sign with a new agency, BY4M Studio

1. Chuu worked hard so I hope she gets better ㅠㅠ

2. So has she terminated her contract with her current agency?

3. They really have no conscience, I think she can only promote as Jiwoo

4. Well, that’s why she’s not on their tour… After all, the schedule reason is bull$hit

5. She didn’t even get paid… This company is trash

6. I wish she could go to a better agency

7. Chuu always works hard, but why are they treating her like that?

8. Chuu really worked hard, but it’s shocking that she didn’t get paid

9. That company is also not reliable… I hope that Chuu is treated fairly

10. Chuu did a lot of individual activities, but she didn’t get paid. The company is crazy

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