LOONA’s Chuu is leaving Blockberry Creative and signing with BY4M Studio

LOONA’s Chuu, leaving Blockberry Creative… Going to BY4M Studio

LOONA’s Chuu is preparing to part ways with Blockberry Creative and sign with a new agency, BY4M Studio

1. Chuu worked hard so I hope she gets better ㅠㅠ

2. So has she terminated her contract with her current agency?

3. They really have no conscience, I think she can only promote as Jiwoo

4. Well, that’s why she’s not on their tour… After all, the schedule reason is bull$hit

5. She didn’t even get paid… This company is trash

6. I wish she could go to a better agency

7. Chuu always works hard, but why are they treating her like that?

8. Chuu really worked hard, but it’s shocking that she didn’t get paid

9. That company is also not reliable… I hope that Chuu is treated fairly

10. Chuu did a lot of individual activities, but she didn’t get paid. The company is crazy

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thats crazy, i wasn’t expecting the situation going this far tbh but i think its the best thing for her since she was so overworked and didn’t get paid well!


but is she still promoting with loona?


Apparently BY4M will only handle her solo schedules and she still gonna be a loona member. Well i saw that on twitter so not the most reliable source but i hope it’s true


Crazy and sad. Their fans really had me believing that she wasn’t leaving at all 😭😭


Well it seems that she doesn’t want to leave the group, but of course she’s just an employee. if BBC decides to block her from joining the promos then that’s the end of her career in LOONA. Seeing how heart attack did well before I think she can manage well on her own.


I figured it would come to this. I heard a lot of things that Blockberry would specifically send her out for individual schedules so they can get income from her and they would overbook her schedule. At the end of the day, they’re a company like anyone else, but they really should have put out more of an effort to push the other members. They’re very charming. Just like Chuu.


We will leave PannKpop and Sign with PannChoa instead if you didn’t bring Disqus back


The company is essentially acting like an influencer at some sort of hotel or bakery,
They want the goods/services out of her for no money but to still be grateful ad they are providing “exposure”
Girl is working hard and deserves her dues. They need to get over themselves. And no fans should guilt trip her to stay.


next is V who will leave HYBE , they abused him for years

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