Stop calling an innocent person racist and read properly

It seems like blinks have turned themselves blind with the hate towards a group that they can’t read the comment of YouTube properly. A once recently posted what YouTube really wanted to say. But how opposite blinks are thinking of it. I hid the onces ID cause i don’t want them to get hate on unnecessary things. 

Last but not the least onces and blinks both of them should not drag either dahyun or Lisa into the mess they have created. And settle this among themselves. 

I will also post yt comment they generated for you to evaluate yourself.

Last but not the least. Stop spamming Dahyun and Lisa comment section with hate comments. K-pop was never this serious as you guys are making it. Please grow up.

Also OP of above clarification also posted these incase you’re still in delusion. 

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Exactly, like i was confused how that screenshot can proof that dahyun lied… like did they even have reading comprehension skill? And why did crop the first comment to make the context a bit ambiguous. For reference, here i posted the full tweet and the screenshot of the link posted by youtube.. you can judge that it’s completely different context


Here’s the link. Youtube obviously talked about how you, as a creator, can choose which ads that may appear when people watch your video and which are not


Blackpink’s music is for dumb people


I agree


So u are dumb


Since it is never serious, then why u still post such a boring post🤣


The real controversy is fans spending their own money to get more views on a video that a multimillion dollar company will make more money from to perhaps pay the millionaire performers more.


Now you let everyone post all kind of shit just to pay your bills?


Blinks need to apologise to dahyun. Yt even released their own statement and it’s refuting those blinks claims. Toxic Blinks should just disappear from this earth fr.

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