Super Junior’s 11th album teaser photos get bad reactions

1. Looks like they didn’t spend the money, it’s not the fault of the photographer

2. It’s not bad, but the photos are a bit blurry

3. I guess they didn’t spend the money

4. They look like the behind-the-scenes photos posted by the company on the blog

5. They look like Chinese idols

6. I’m disappointed that it’s a full album, not a special album

7. I feel like they didn’t spend too much money

8. Super Junior is still releasing albums?

9. Their clothes look so messy

10. Except for the quality, it looks good

11. The concept is good but the quality is so bad

12. They look like photos taken by the manager

13. I can’t see their faces clearly

14. Honestly, compared to other groups, I don’t think SM spent any money on them

15. It’s not that SM or Super Junior don’t have money, it’s just that they don’t seem sincere

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