What netizens say about Hyuna and Dawn breaking up

Hyuna-Dawn couple broke up

Hyuna’s Instagram

“We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues. Thank you always for your support and for looking over us kindly”

1. I thought they would get married, but they broke up like this

2. They have been dating for a long time

3. Hey, I thought he proposed to her. What’s happening?

4. Are they not married yet????

5. Be happy, Hyuna…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. I thought they would get married… I was shocked

7. I don’t know the reason, but I think the two of them match well

8. Crazy, I can’t believe this

9. Pentagon fans will get mad;; He left the group because he wanted to date Hyuna, but now they broke up

10. Hey, I thought they were getting married

11. They have been dating for a long time, so I thought they would get married

12. I thought they would get married and live a good life

13. They should break up instead of divorce

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it happens. they’re both still young and i’m glad they didn’t get married or have children together.

good luck to them


one of them probably got cold feet and realized they aren’t ready to get married yet.. sad but it happens..

Grace Walker

Hunya, had no intention of getting married even though she excepted his engagement ring.


Never do the same bussiness with your partner tbh sometimes it ended bad….

Nono nonono

Honestly, from what they showed us about the dynamics of their relationship, they lasted even longer than what I expected


True, better break up than divorce. I hope they’ll meet someone nice (or maybe they’ll find each other again) in the future


What a shame, they were a couple that you could tell loved each other very much.

Excuse me

Even tho most of us wanted them to get married and stay together as long as it happens. We should keep in mind that it’s their own personal decision and we should not make any kind of judgement of why it happened. Even tho they are celebrities they are humans first and foremost.
We should actually address the main elephant in this room as to why they have to leave their company to date like us normal beings. Why is dating still not normalised in kpop world. They both have to fight a long fight to get accepted. And even if they live together or seperated I just hope this whole thing doesn’t end up like Jelena thing. I hope if they both date someone else, the other person don’t recieve any kind of hate. But first and foremost. I hope they both be well.


no.7 and people who will actually behave like this get a life


Oh well it happens all the best to both of them


tbh with how exposed their relationship, it’s more surprising how long they lasts
the thing is it’s okay if they date, but when there’s work in the middle of their relationship, it’s harder than if they didn’t work together 🤷

meow meow

so crazy i literally gasped when i saw the news but i hope they are happier this way

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